Dedicated To The Dark Goddesses, Gods, Demons & SpiritsĀ 

As a natural-born witch, I was taught Cajun folk practices at a very young age. Throughout my life, I have mentored under some of the most prolific occult practitioners. I have studied Celtic Wicca, New Orleans Voodoo, Demonolatry, Norse and Ceremonial magick. After spending many years perfecting my craft, I became the solitary, eclectic witch I am today. I put my special touch of combined magickal traditions into every product I craft. My goal is to educate and encourage witches to discover and create their own path, while empowering them to increase their magickal abilities.
Ritual Arts Atelier is my offering to the dark goddesses, gods, daemons, and angels, who have aided me in my magick and life. It is not a shop for the timid or meek. It was created for those hardcore witches, warlocks, sorcerers, sorceresses, heathens, druids, demonolators, and occultists, who are not afraid to search for answers in the dark. Everything I create is under the guidance of the dark goddess, god, or entity, for whom the product was named. As a Hekate devotee, most of the products will be influenced by Her in some way. All handcrafted products are begun on the night of a new or full moon. Once completed, they are charged on my Hekate dedicated altar in ritual, on the night of a new moon. Every ingredient, object, or tool used in making each product is charged under the previous full moon.
Welcome to the abyss!

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