Welcome To Magickal Healing Arts!

Hi, and welcome to Magickal Healing Arts, where holistic healing has a magick touch.  I’m Tara, the witchcrafter and proprietor behind the brand.  I created Magickal Healing Arts to bring my special style of healing to all of you.

To craft my offerings, I use an eclectic blend of magick which includes Cajun hoodoo, traditional witchcraft, New Orleans voodoo, and ceremonial ritual magick.  I have devoted myself and my craft to Hekate, which is why you’ll find several devotional items created in service to Her.  I also work with a few other dark goddesses, elementals, angels, spirits and ancient guides. 

Typically, new items will be released after a full or new moon.  All items crafted are charged under the corresponding moon. Once charged under the moon, each is blessed and charged with intent on my personal Hekate altar.  

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be releasing new How To blog posts showing you how to use specific items in the shop.  I’ll also be listing several new items, as well as services.

If you have any questions, you can always contact me at ritualartsatelier@gmail.com.

Blessed Be!