What Is Your Witchy Superpower?

What is your witchy superpower? Do you know?  Every witch has at least one superpower.  Some of us have a set of superpowers that boost our spells and rituals.  These superpowers help us to manifest our desires more consistently and quickly.  If you haven't figured out what yours is yet, I'd like to help you discover it. 

Here are a few tips for uncovering your witch superpower(s):

  • Take notes of every spell or ritual you perform, whether it works or not.  Write down each detail.  When a magickal working manifests, be sure to mark it as successful.  Once you have several successful spells, look over your notes to see if any actions were consistent.  That will give you a clue as to what your superpower is.
  • Try different actions when performing each spell.  Experiment with whispering your spell, especially if you're an air sign.  If you're a fire sign, try saying your incantation with a booming, roaring voice.  Or, if you speak more than one language, say your spell in a different language.  Just try something a little different than usual.  You can then see if certain actions help you manifest better than others.
  • Ask your ancestors, spirit guides or whomever you evoke in your divination work to reveal your superpower to you.  Sometimes, all you have to do is ask.
  • Examine your talents.  Are you an artists? If so, drawing your own sigils to add to your spells might be your superpower.  You could etch your sigil into spell candles to increase your magick.  Or, maybe you're a dancer.  You could dance to raise the energy you place into a spell.  This would intensify the energy around your spell. Even if your talent seems silly or inconsequential, it may be the key to unlocking your superpower.
  • Use different emotions, to build energy, when doing spells. Some witches cry while casting spells, or immediately afterward.  This release of emotions is very potent for their craft.  If you are a naturally emotional person, adding emotional responses to your magick might propel it to new heights.
  • Do spells to benefit others.  One of your superpowers may be as a healer for others.  By doing positive spells for other people, you not only bring positive change to their lives, but to your own as well.

After trying all or a few of these suggestions, you still haven't figured out your superpower, know that it will come to you in time.  Sometimes, it's staring you right in the face.  

Some of mine came to me right away.  Only through trial and error was I able to pinpoint exactly what they were.  And, from time to time, you will develop new ones.  A few of mine are whispering, blowing out air, dancing and crying.  If I really want a spell to work fast and effectively, I'll do one or all of these things.  Yes, I probably look like a hot mess while I'm doing it; but, it works.  That's all that matters.  Don't be afraid of looking silly.  I can assure you, celestial beings, gods, and Goddesses do not judge us the way humans do.  They quite enjoy a crying, dancing, whispering witch.  They will love you for whatever your witchy superpower happens to be.

Blessed Be!