About Us

Tara Marie-Louisa Perillo is the witchcrafter and proprietor of Magickal Healing Arts.  She is a natural-born, solitary witch and healer. Her special blend of Cajun hoodoo, traditional witchcraft, New Orleans voodoo, and ceremonial magick creates healing energy in everything she crafts.

Growing up on the bayou, in Louisiana, she was taught Cajun hoodoo tradition.  It is a tradition created from the European witches who settled in region, the Indian tribes who welcomed them, and the African and Haitian travelers from New Orleans. Cajun hoodoo is an eclectic style of magick, unlike any other.

As an adult, Tara mentored under some of the most powerful occultists in New Orleans. She studied everything from New Orleans voodoo to traditional witchcraft, to Wicca, and ceremonial magick.

In 1993, she moved to Illinois, where she still resides with her husband and fur baby/familiar, Gideon.  In Illinois, she continued her studies, obtaining certifications in herbal medicine, homeopathy, reflexology, Reiki, naturopathic medicine, and nutrition. She joined a Gardnerian coven, where she became an advocate and activist for the witchcraft community.

Later, she left her coven, to become a solitary witch, where she could freely practice her own special mix of the craft. 

She is the author of The Eclectic Witch’s Glamoire: Glamour Spells & Rituals To Attract Love, Boost Beauty and Build Confidence. She is the owner and craftswoman of Magickal Healing Arts, Ritual Arts Atelier and Magickal Healing Store.

All of the handcrafted products in Magickal Healing Arts were created with Tara’s occult learning over her lifetime.  She has devoted herself and her work to the divine, dark Goddess, Hekate.  She also works in service with angels, elementals, spirits, and ancients.  She is a Clair-cognizant and generational healer.  

Magickal Healing Arts brings you holistic healing with a magick touch.