Spell Work Policies

Custom Spell Work

Description, Agreement and Policies



Three types of spells are currently offered through Ritual Arts Atelier: Candle spells, Jar spells, and Ceremonial Magick spells.

Candle Spells are offered in 1 night or 7 nights spells, and full moon or new moon spells.  For each spell, a candle is burned in ritual, in order manifest what you wish.  Candles are etched with a corresponding sigil, and dressed with sacred olive oil and herbs, flowers, roots, and/or resins, to amplify spell.  In some spells, objects may be placed around candle, such as mirrors, photographs, foods, etc.  You may be required to provide some of these materials, in digital form.  For some of the more intricate spell work, figure candles may be used.

All spells are performed during the appropriate moon phase, which will be determined during initial email consultation.  Once spell has been performed, you will receive an email with photos of your spell in progress, and any observations during and after.

Jar Spells are typically performed to remove someone or something from your life.  When performing a jar spell in relation to removing a person from your life, it does not bring harm to that person.  The spell is simply removing their ability to further harm or affect you.  These spells can be used to remove addictions, or bad habits.  

Contents are placed in a jar of vinegar, and other contents required for your specific needs. Contents can consists of everything from sigils, roots, herbs, broken glass, rusty nails, and more. Jars are then sealed, and a black candle is burned over lid, to completely seal in wax. Depending on your spell request, jars are either stored, by me, in a safe location, or disposed of at a crossroad, in a running body of water, or buried.

Ceremonial Magick

Ceremonial Magick spells can be performed for any purpose.  This spell work involves a higher level of intensive magick.  It is an ancient form of magick that often includes sigils, and working with celestial beings, mainly angels.  It is sometimes referred to as spiritual alchemy.  These spells can be performed any time of day, during any moon phase.  I am particularly adept at this type of magick; and, have found it to work quickly and effectively.

Due to the nature of spell work, we cannot guarantee your wish will manifest.  Just because you want something, doesn’t mean it’s for your greatest good.  Also, we cannot tell you when your wish will manifest.  Sometimes, they manifest immediately.  Other times, it will take longer.  Many times, there will be a lesson you must learn before your wish can manifest.  Keep this in mind when ordering spell work.  DO NOT inundate me with emails, daily, asking me when your spell will manifest. It will manifest when it’s meant to.

Spells Not Performed

I will NOT, under any circumstances, do spells to bring harm to any person or animal.

Any spell that aids an abusive person in their misdeeds. And, yes, I will be the judge on this one.  My abilities give me the right to do so.

Get back an ex spells.  I find these spells trite and unworthy of my abilities.  There is a reason they are not with you anymore. Grow, learn from it, and move on.  I will help to ease your pain; but I will not work to bring them back.


By ordering your spell, you agree to all policies stated by Ritual Arts Atelier. 


  1. I am 18 years or older in age.
  2. I am of sound mind.
  3. I will not hold Ritual Arts Atelier, or Tara Perillo, responsible for unintended consequences of spell work ordered and performed.
  4. I will provide any requested names, digital photos, etc. to Ritual Arts Atelier, in a timely manner, before my spell is performed.
  5. Ritual Arts Atelier will respect my privacy, and will not share my information with anyone, at any time.
  6. By purchasing spell work, I agree to these terms and policies.  I further understand that policies may be added at any time, without notice.