Honoring My Ancestors With The Dark Goddesses

Happy All Souls Day or the Day of the Dead! For many occultists, the days from October 31st through November 2nd, are filled with ritual, remembrance and reverence.  We have Halloween or Samhain, All Saints Day, and All Souls Day or the Day of the Dead. Depending on which magick path you've chosen, or grown up with, you may observe only one of these holiday; or, perhaps, you've celebrated all three. Personally, I observe Samhain and All Souls Day, because these are tied directly to my ancestor.

Dark goddess altar

This year, I have focused on honoring my ancestors through my work with the dark Goddesses.  You may have thought I just randomly chose each Goddess I have honored in the shop. Actually, each one was chosen by Her linkage to my own DNA.  My ancestry is one of immense diversity. It is a story of witches, Druids, conjurers and warriors. So, I'd like to share a little about each of my chosen dark Goddesses, and Her relation to my ancestry.

Dark goddess altar


First of all, I am not Greek. However, neither was Hekate. Although She is part of the Greek pantheon, She is a titan.  And, I didn't choose Her. She chose me. She is, however, linked to my ancestry. Some of my ancestors are from Spain. Before Christianity was forced upon the people of Spain, they mainly worshiped the Gods and Goddesses of their neighboring country, Greece, or the Celtic invaders. It depended mainly on which region they lived, as to which pantheon they worshiped. My ancestors in Spain most likely worshiped the Greek pantheon.  Or, at least that's what they tell me.


I am definitely a daughter of Lilith, not of Eve. Lilith has been with me from birth.  As the first human woman, Lilith is mother to us all. She is the very essence of my DNA. 

The Morrigan 

The Morrigan represents my ancestors from Ireland. Although my connection to Her is not as strong as the other dark Goddesses, my Irish ancestors, and many of my modern relatives hold Her in the highest esteem. Because of my respect for them, I honor Her as well.

Dark goddess altar

Orisha Oya

Once my Spanish, French, Irish and Welsh ancestors made their way to America, they settled into various areas of the South. That's where they met, married and built families with local Indian tribes, others who had migrated to this new land, and those who traveled through, bringing goods to America. My ancestors, the Cajuns, were an extremely poor people, who often worked alongside African slaves on plantations and farms. It is there that many of them fell in love, and worked to buy the freedom of their beloved.  Or, sometime, they were able to escape to the most reclusive bayous of Louisiana. Once settle, they would build families, intermingling traditions, religions, and practices. Oya represents my ancestors from Africa and the Caribbean.  She was first introduced to me in 1988, by my friend and mentor Fred Staten, the Chicken Man of New Orleans. He was the King of New Orleans voodoo.  He presented Her to me because he saw Her spirit within me. Goddess of Storms, Lightning, Women Empowermen; Guardian of the Graveyards; Primeval Mother of Chaos....yeah, I could see the connection. I honor Her, my ancestors, and my mentor Chicken Man, on All Saints Day.

Rhiannon (Coming in December)

Rhiannon will be the last Goddess honored this year. She represents my Welsh Celt ancestors.  These ancestors are the highest percentage of my DNA. Now, some do not consider Rhiannon a dark Goddess. But, I completely disagree. Her story and mythology is pretty dark. She too has been with me since I was a child. She would whisper to me through my horse, Dancer, always providing comfort. To me, she portrayed freedom and magick. We'll be ending the year honoring Her and my Celtic heritage.

Many new witches ask me how they should choose which pantheon, gods or Goddesses they should work with. In my opinion, if none of them have called to you yet, try working with those who tie to your ancestry.  You already have a bond with them built into your DNA. Once you've chosen, honor them by presenting offering. Every Goddess devotional item I create is in honor of them. Before shipping it to you, I present it to them as an offerin. You don't need to go to the extreme like I do. But, carefully chosen gifts will go a long way. You can even offer them the items I create. Just place it on your altar and announce to Her this is your offering.  The next day, you can place it anywhere you like. She will know it is Hers.

Connecting your magick with your ancestry can empower you and increase your magical abilities. Explore your DNA. I bet many of your ancestors are simply waiting for you to reach out. Honor them today.

Blessed Be!


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