How To Use Ritual Arts Atelier Conjure Oils

The question I hear most often is "How do I use my oil?".  I sometimes forget that many of you have not grown up using conjure oils, as I have.  So, I'd like to go into more detail as to why and how conjure oils are used.

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Conjure oil recipes are generally passed down from generation to generation.  Each culture has their own recipes and ingredients for each oil.  Many recipes are a blend of multiple cultures, based on ingredients available to their region.  My particular recipes are from my Cajun heritage.  It is influenced by the Houma tribe of American Indians, European traditional witchcraft (specifically French, Italian, German, and Spanish), and Haitian New Orleans voodoo).  Although most of my oils are based on the old recipes, I have modernized several of them with ingredients I prefer.  I have also created a few new ones, based on my experience in herbalism and magick.

There are many uses for all of the conjure oils.  All, except for Fiery Wall of Protection, are safe to use on the skin, as long as you're not allergic to any of the ingredients.  You should always do a preliminary allergy test before using your oil.  Simply rub a small amount onto a small patch of skin. Wait 24 hours.  If you have no reaction, it should be safe for you to use your oil. Should you experience a reaction, flush area with cold water, and seek medical attention.  You can do an allergy test with Fiery Wall of Protection, if you wish.  It does contain chili and cayenne peppers.  If you know you're allergic to those, it's best not to get it on your skin.  Use gloves whenever placing the oil on objects.

Which oil you choose will depend on what you hope to manifest.  Most oils are pretty easily defined.  For money, you would most likely choose Show Me The Money Conjure Oil.  If you're an empath, you would most likely choose Empath Protection Oil, to ward off negative energies.  But, there are some oils that are more multi-purpose, and just as powerful. 

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Conjure oils, like Van Van oil, can be used to attract everything from money to luck, to love.  When choosing an oil, just read the description, and, if you're still having trouble deciding which would meet your needs, message me.  I'm happy to help you in your decision.

How you use your oil will be exclusive to you.  Your oil can be used for anointing yourself, crystals, ritual tools, spell candles, talismans, amulets, or any object that is oil proof.  Many people simply use it daily to anoint themselves.  To do this, simply place a drop of oil onto the thumb of your dominant hand, and place it on the area you want to anoint.  It can be very beneficial to anoint any corresponding chakra points.  For example, if you're using the Come To Me Love Attraction Oil, you would place the drop of oil on your heart chakra.  You can also anoint a larger area of your body as well.  For example, if you're using the Healthy Weight Oil, and you want to lose or gain weight in a particular area, rub a couple of drops of the oil into the area you wish to change.  You should anoint yourself with your particular oil every day, until you begin noticing the change you want to manifest.  Then, you can taper it off to once a week, until your change has completely manifested.  For maintenance, I would suggest anointing once a month, until your oil bottle is empty.

You also can anoint objects, such as crystals, jewelry, or photos of what you hope to manifest.  Simply follow the anointing instructions above; but, place your thumb on the object instead of on your skin. One of my favorite things to do is to place a drop of Show Me The Money oil on my thumb, and place it on a dollar bill, which I keep in my wallet.  It keeps the money flowing into my wallet!

Should you want to use your conjure oil in candle spells, simply etch a corresponding sigil onto your candle, and then, rub your candle with a drop or two of your oil.  If you're wanting to draw something to you, rub the oil from both ends of the candle, into the center.  If you're trying to repel something, rub the oil from the center of the candle outward to the ends. Just be sure not to get any oil on the wick.  Then, you do your spell as usual.

Another way to use your conjure oil is as a floor and/or wall and door wash.  This is a very common usage with protection oils.  Drop a few drops to one dropper-full into a bucket of warm water.  Stir water into water.  Place a sponge or towel into the water. Wring it out. Wipe surfaces you wish to add protection.  Most often, we wipe door jambs, doors, walls, and window sills.  When done washing, pour remaining water somewhere near your front door.

You can also add a dropper of oil to your bath water, or in body lotion.  This can make it much easier to get your daily dose of oil.

These are the most common ways to use your conjure oils.  The most important thing to remember, is to believe in the magick while anointing yourself or any objects with the oil.  If you can envision the change you desire, as though it has already happened, you will intensify your manifestation abilities.  Feeling a sense of gratitude for whatever higher power you believe in, granting you the gift of manifestation, is the real key to making your dreams a reality.  You need to have trust and faith in your ability to manifest. 

Hopefully, I've been able to answer some, if not all, of your questions.  When choosing your oil, and how to use them, I find it best to go with your gut.  Listen to that little voice in your head telling you what to do.  It may be your ancestors or spirit guides leading you the right way.

Blessed Be! 

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