How To Use Your Show Me The Money and Healthy Weight Conjure Oils

Two of our bestselling conjure oils are Show Me The Money and Healthy Weight.  They are also the oils I get the most questions on what are the best ways to use these oil to manifest what you seek.  Hopefully, I can give you a few answers and ideas in this post.

Ritual arts atelier money oil

Show Me The Money Conjure Oil- Your Show Me The Money Conjure Oil is delivered to your door, already charged, blessed, and ready to work for you.  Before using, always give your oil a little shake, to loosen any ingredients that may have settled.  

First, you should determine what you hope to manifest with your oil. Do you want more cash flow?  More money in your bank account? More customers for your business? Or, maybe, all of the above.  Once you've determined what you want, you can let your oil know what it's purpose is by setting your intention.There are many ways to set your intention.  My favorite way is to use a short meditation or visualization.  Not only is this and easy way to set your intention, but it's also quick and inexpensive.  You can also anoint certain objects with your oil, while doing your visualization.  To do your visualization, place one or two drops of oil onto one of your thumbs or fingers. Touch your oiled finger or thumb onto any objects you want to anoint, or, if you have no objects to anoint, onto your heart chakra, located in the center of your chest.  Now, rub your two hands together.  As you're rubbing the oil into your hands, imagine what you'd like your oil to bring to you.  Try to put as much detail into your visualization as possible.  Think of some of the activities you would enjoy with the extra money.  Visualize it all as if it has already happened. How would you feel? Try to get as much emotion as possible into your intent.  Lastly, allow a sense of gratitude to wash over you.  Be thankful for the universe manifesting all that you desire. That's it. You have set your intent.

Some objects that you may want to anoint with your oil are bay leaves, buckeye nuts, green or gold candles, dollar bills, business cards, phones, computers, photos, coins, crystals, and gemstones.  Bay leaves, coins, and dollar bills can be kept in your wallet, to encourage cash flow. Candles can be burned as part of a money drawing spell.  Buckeye nuts, crystals and gemstones can be carried in pockets or purses.  Photos can be anointed by placing an oiled thumbprint onto it.  Same with business cards, phones and computers. A tiny amount of oil will do.  

You can also use your oil as a door, wall or floor wash.  Simply add a dropper of oil to a bucket of water. Stir. With a sponge or cloth, apply the mixture to areas you'd like to charge with intent. If you own a business, you may want to apply it to the door frames of your business.  Or, if it's a home business, to the door of the room you do most of your business preparations. Your oil can be used as often as you like.  My recommendation is to do a daily visualization for at least seven days.  Then, you can switch to once a week, or even once a month.  Any objects you've anointed with oil should be refreshed with oil every 3 to 6 months.

ritual arts atelier healthy weight conjure oil

Healthy Weight Conjure Oil- Healthy Weight Conjure Oil should not be considered a magic pill, or something that will magically transform you, without any effort on your part.  Even celestial beings will refuse to help you if you're not willing to put forth some effort.  That being said, Healthy Weight Conjure Oil comes to you with the intent of helping you manifest your ideal body transformation.  For some of you, simply losing or gaining weight is your goal.  But, for others of you, it's a bit more complicated. You may struggle with genetic restrictions, health conditions, or food addiction.  If that's the case, you may need some magickal intervention.  

This is why I created Healthy Weight Conjure Oil.Now, there are many ways to use your conjure oil.  Always give your oil a couple of shakes before using, to mix up any ingredients that may have settled on the bottom.   The first thing you're going to want to do is charge your oil with your specific intent.  What would you like the oil to do for you? Is it help you to lose fat? Gain muscle? Redistribute your body weight? Your intent should be precise.  Don't think of all of the things you need to do to get the body you want.  Just think of exactly how you would like to look.  With that picture in your mind, place one to two drops of oil onto the thumb or index finger of your dominant hand.  Touch your oiled finger or thumb onto your forehead, then to your throat, then to the middle of your chest, and lastly to your stomach.  That's it. You've set your oil with intention.  After charging your oil with intent, you are free to use it in many different ways. 

One of my favorite ways is as specifically targeting areas for it to work on.  If, for example, you'd like your arms to be more muscular, place a few drops of oil in the palm of your hand (either hand will do), and rub the oil into your arms, while envisioning them becoming more muscular.  Once you have reached exactly the look you want them to have, in your mind, hold that picture for at least 30 seconds. You can do this short visualization as often as you like.  Should you be struggling with food addiction, or simple cravings, dab a drop of oil onto your throat, any time you feel you need more self control.  Use the oil to strengthen you, and reinforce healthy habits.  If you need motivation to exercise or eat healthier, dab a drop of oil on your heart chakra, hands or tops of feet. In the beginning, you should anoint yourself with oil, while doing a short visualization, daily.  Should you struggle with healthy eating, anoint yourself before every meal, until you notice changes in your behavior.  Remember to always visualize yourself looking exactly as you wish to look.  Should negative emotions, thoughts, or images come to you, quickly send them away.  The more you envision yourself as transformed, the faster your manifestation can occur.  Positivity wins the race every time.I would also encourage you to create healthy habits in your life.  Eat healthy foods. Exercise.  Hire a trainer or nutritionist. Transform not just your body, but your mind as well. The best advice I can give to you is, you must believe in the magick. You must believe that the power to manifest all that you want is within you.  

Our conjure oils are created to give you an extra layer of power.  It's power from a higher source that, when mixed with your power, can bring your desires to reality. But, you must be patient, and allow them to work.  Some of you will notice a difference right away. For others, it may take more time.  You may have some lessons to learn in the process.  Allow the magick to do it's job.  Second guessing, or giving up, are not the ways to manifest any change. Trust. You can message me with questions at any time. I am always happy to help you use our conjure oils to their fullest potential.

Blessed Be!

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