The Tea on Protection Magick

Does a bad or negative occurrence mean your protection magick isn't working? Can you magically protect yourself and your loved ones from all negativity?

Short no.

Tara Marie Louisa

Now, for those of you who don't know, I take my protection magick very seriously.  Daily, I sage my home, do three or more protection rituals, have numerous witch bottles around my home, wear protection charged jewelry, and have various protection Talismans outside of my home.  To some, this may seem like overkill; but, to me, it's a necessary part of my existence. Having an online presence sometimes draws unprovoked attacks. My abilities invite many unwanted spirits or entities into my life. I have to protect myself and my loved ones thoroughly. Even with all that, bad things still happen. Accidents still happen.

Because of my faith, and wisdom earned through years of experience, study, and practice, I've learned to seek the lessons bad events can teach me.  I know not to automatically think I've been hexed, or am suffering from bad juju. Instead, I ask myself what do I need to learn from this.

So, you might be asking yourself why you should even practice protection magick, or own protection objects, if bad things are still going to happen to you. Well, imagine how much worse things could be if you didn't. And, sometimes you are the victim of a careless demon sender. In the last couple of months, I've had to do three demon/evil spirit removals and return to sender home cleansings. It does happen; but, it's extremely rare.

My point is, magical protection is very important. However, it doesn't mean that you're safe from everything that life could throw your way. 

My story:

Last week, everything was going great. Business was good. I was working from the time I awoke, to the time I went to bed. I was putting the final touches on October releases and planning out holiday updates. Then, I got the dreaded call. My husband had fallen, and was on his way to the hospital, in an ambulance.

I dropped everything and headed to the hospital. After many hours and medical scans, he was diagnosed with six broken ribs. That night and the next week were brutal. He was in a lot of pain, and needed my help with even the most routine tasks. He became my first priority.  New releases in the shop would be late.  Some would be impossible to complete before the holidays. I would have to redesign my entire update calendar.

Instead of getting upset or angry, I asked myself what this incident was trying to teach me. I knew it wasn't just a lesson he needed to learn because it was affecting my life and business too.

In reflection, I realized I had been neglecting him, working every passing minute. And, I hadn't just been neglecting him.  My friends and family were missing me too.  I understood that I couldn't be so focused on one goal. I had to learn how to spread myself around better.  So what if I didn't have tons of new items in my shops for the holidays. I could spend time with family and friends, and still have new amazing items in the shops. I have learned my lesson.

As humans, we will always have lessons to learn. Sometimes, the universal powers, goddesses, gods, celestial beings, whomever you believe protects you, will have to make something happen to teach you that lesson. It may even be to protect you from something even worse.

Go ahead and do your protection magick, collect your talisman and amulets, and decorate your home with witch bottles. You never know how well they're actually working for you. Just know, they are working. Have faith!

Blessed Be!


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